Are you an Asli Gamer? Follow the best practices to become one!

I will fix & control my daily and monthly deposit. I will play for entertainment, and not as a way of making money. If losing, I will never chase losses in order to recoup money. I will self-exclude and stop playing if I feel stressed. I will keep a balance between game time and other activities.

Meet The Asli Gamer

The OG, The only ones
Respect the game, Respect the name
Keep it clean, Keep it sane
Never go over the line, Never spend beyond the dime
Stop yourself, When you know you’re over time
Because there’s a life beyond, There’s so much more
It’s all entertainment, Not to keep you in containment
A little restraint, A little control,
Is all it takes to be on a roll!

Here comes the  Asli Gamer!

Must Do’s for an Asli Gamer

Fix and control your daily and monthly deposit limit
Identify and reduce the risks by keeping reality checks
Self-exclude and stop yourself from playing if you feel stressed
Play for entertainment, and not as a way of making money
Keep a balance between your game time and other activities


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